Immigration Law is very, very complicated and can be extremely confusing to the unexperienced.  Do you have a loved one who is in ICE custody or in Immigration Court, but you have no idea where to start?  The Immigration Law Firm is just the right place for you.  I have been providing comprehensive Immigration counsel for numerous years to so many clients (detained in ICE custody, in Immigration Court Removal / Deportation Proceedings, or otherwise), with tremendous success stories.  We know how overwhelming and complicated the Immigration Laws and the Immigration Courts are and can be -- especially when you are under an enormous amount of stress, and especially if one of your loved ones is in jail in ICE custody facing imminent deportation / removal. This is why our goal is to help you understand your legal rights and provide you with sound, strong, knowledgeable legal advice regarding the issues affecting your case.

I am an attorney, yes, but I never forget that my clients are people with unique emotions and values. The Immigration Law Firm keeps you involved and personally guides you in making important decisions about your case -- with sound legal advice. We let you know what is going on at every stage, and explain every small detail so that you remember that you are in charge.


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